An interconnect design based on skyrmionic textures

(Abstract) Magnetic skyrmions have been in the spotlight since they were observed in technologically relevant systems at room temperature. More recently, there has been increasing interest in additional quasiparticles that may exist as stable/metastable spin textures in magnets, such as the skyrmionium and the antiskyrmionite (i.e., a skyrmion bag with two skyrmions inside) that have distinct topological characteristics. The next challenge and opportunity, at the same time, is to investigate the use of multiple magnetic quasiparticles as information carriers in a single device for next-generation nanocomputing. In this paper, we propose a spintronic interconnect device where multiple sequences of information signals are encoded and transmitted simultaneously by skyrmions, skyrmioniums, and antiskyrmionites. The proposed spintronic interconnect device can be pipelined via voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy (VCMA) gated synchronizers that behave as intermediate registers. We demonstrate theoretically that the interconnect throughput and transmission energy can be effectively tuned by the VCMA gate voltage and appropriate electric current pulses. By carefully adjusting the device structure characteristics, our spintronic interconnect device exhibits comparable energy efficiency with copper interconnects in mainstream CMOS technologies. This study provides fresh insight into the possibilities of skyrmionic devices in future spintronic applications.


Voltage-controlled skyrmionic interconnect with multiple magnetic information carriers
R. Chen*, Y. Li, V. F. Pavlidis, C. Moutafis*